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If you require gardening and home maintenance services, Hypno-Link may be able to assist you. All gardening staff are insured, experienced in their line of work and cleared by the Department of Communities and Social Inclusion for working with children and vulnerable adults. Our range of garden support and maintenance services is offered to both: NDIS participants and general public, as summarised below.



Gardening Services. This Program involves assistance with standard gardening tasks, which you are unable to do themselves. For example: lawnmowing, hedging and trimming small to medium size shrubs, weeding, and so forth.

DURATION: Times to be negotiated. Minimum 2 hours a month.


My Garden Makeover Program. This program involves working in partnership with clients in co-designing and co-implementing simple garden makeover projects. The worker will encourage the clients to maintain their engagement throughout the makeover process.

DURATION: 8 sessions, 2 hours duration each. After the 8-session program, clients may be like to continue with a regular Home and Yard Maintenance Program / subject to need. The sessions are minimum 2 -3 hours once a month. Times to be negotiated.
SPECIAL CONDITIONS: Clients are encouraged to supply products which are to be used during the staff visit (i.e. plants, potting mix etc).


Basic Home Maintenance. This program involves assistance with basic maintenance tasks, which clients are unable to do themselves. This may include such tasks as tightening the handles or door knobs, changing the battery in a smoke detector etc. In other words, this program offers an assistance with minor household tasks, which do not require specialised assistance from a trades person.

DURATION: Minimum duration of service is 1 hour. Times are to be negotiated.


All gardening and maintenance services are offered at $43 per hour.


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